Scoring Stage Chicago

Third Coast Music is developing a premier Scoring Stage and Post-Production Facility in Chicago that will utilize the most advanced technology in recording, acoustics, and architecture to help attract all varieties of production, talent, and musical genres.

The scoring stage will have an internship program, educating and training students about the various jobs available in the music industry and within a scoring stage.


We will host visits to the scoring stage, promoting and advocating for Education through Music.

The Scoring Stage will be our legacy for the city of Chicago.  Chicago takes pride in preserving its historical landmarks.  As the years go by, the impact of a Scoring Stage will be to leave its own historical mark on Chicago through the abundance of music that will be recorded there.  This music facility will be a creative living environment which will promote, educate, and illuminate the people of Chicago.

Partnering With: 

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Our design architect, Peter Grueneisen, award-winning lead architect for the firm nonzero\architecture, included in his latest book the renderings he did of Scoring Stage Chicago, commissioned by Third Coast Music.  This book is an impressive catalogue of the firm’s work, featuring interviews with recording industry giants like Hans Zimmer and Bruce Botnick.